Introduction to Anthropology

Course Info

Course Number/Code: 21A.100 (Fall 2004)
Course Title: Introduction to Anthropology
Course Level: Undergraduate
Offered By: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Department: Anthropology
Course Instructor(s): Prof. James Howe
Course Introduction:
Syllabus Description

This class introduces students to the methods and perspectives of cultural anthropology. Readings emphasize case studies in very different settings (a nuclear weapons laboratory, a cattle-herding society of the Sudan, and a Jewish elder center in Los Angeles). Although some of the results and conclusions of anthropology will be discussed, emphasis will be on appreciating cultural difference and its implications, studying cultures and societies through long-term fieldwork, and most of all, learning to think analytically about other people's lives and our own.

Class Requirements

This is a HASS-D subject. Attendance is required at lectures and recitations, and students should be prepared to discuss the reading assignments and other material at due at each recitation. There will be a final exam and six writing assignments, one of which (no. 5) will involve a moderate amount of outside reading. Essays should be clearly written, present a coherent argument, and show mastery of required materials. Students who need help on the mechanics of writing should consult their recitation instructor or the Writing Center.


The final grade is as follows:

Grading tableACTIVITIESPERCENTAGESAttendance and Participation in Discussions20%Final Exam30%Writing Assignments50%