Principles of Human Disease

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Course Number/Code: 7.27 (Spring 2006)
Course Title: Principles of Human Disease
Course Level: Undergraduate
Offered By: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Department: Biology
Course Instructor(s): Prof. David Housman
Prof. Jacqueline Lees
Course Introduction:
Syllabus Overview

This course covers current understanding of, and modern approaches to, human disease, emphasizing the molecular and cellular basis of both genetic disease and cancer.

Specific topics include:

The Genetics of Simple and Complex Traits;Karyotypic Analysis and Positional Cloning;Genetic Diagnosis;The Roles of Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressors in Tumor Initiation, Progression and Treatment;The Interaction between Genetics and Environment;Animal Models of Human Disease and Cancer;Infectious Diseases including Bacterial, Viral and Eukaryotic Pathogens; andDisease Treatment Strategies including Drug Development and Gene Therapy.GradingGrading criteria.ACTIVITIESPERCENTAGESFive Problem Sets10%Two Paper Assignments10%Two In-class Exams50%Non-comprehensive Final Exam30%