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Essentials of GeophysicsUndergraduate / Graduate
Introduction to SeismologyGraduate
Dynamics of Complex Systems: Biological and Environmental Coevolution Preceding the Cambrian ExplosiGraduate
Dynamics of Complex Systems: Complexity in EcologyGraduate
Dynamics of Complex Systems: Ecological TheoryGraduate
Mechanical Properties of RocksGraduate
Principles of Global Positioning SystemsGraduate
Seminar in Geophysics: Mantle ConvectionGraduate
Seminar in Geophysics: Thermal and Chemical Evolution of the EarthGraduate
Structure and Dynamics of the CMB RegionGraduate
Phase Transitions in the Earth's InteriorGraduate
Classical Mechanics: A Computational ApproachGraduate
Marine ChemistryGraduate
Marine Organic GeochemistryGraduate
Geodynamics SeminarGraduate
Geodynamics SeminarGraduate
Geodynamics SeminarGraduate
Marine Chemistry SeminarGraduate