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Cellular and Molecular ComputationGraduate
Laboratory in Cognitive ScienceUndergraduate
Laboratory in Cognitive ScienceUndergraduate
Introduction to Neural NetworksGraduate
Cognitive ProcessesUndergraduate
Computational Cognitive ScienceUndergraduate / Graduate
Computational Cognitive ScienceUndergraduate / Graduate
Object and Face RecognitionUndergraduate / Graduate
The Development of Object and Face RecognitionGraduate
Affect: Biological, Psychological, and Social Aspects of FeelingsUndergraduate
Foundations of CognitionUndergraduate / Graduate
Social PsychologyUndergraduate
Functional MRI of High-Level VisionUndergraduate
Foundations of Human Memory and LearningUndergraduate
Psychology of GenderUndergraduate
Infant and Early Childhood CognitionUndergraduate
Reasonable Conduct in ScienceGraduate
Special Topics in Brain and Cognitive SciencesUndergraduate / Graduate
Introduction to Computational NeuroscienceUndergraduate
Pattern Recognition for Machine VisionGraduate